We Manufacture all kinds of Transformers

Yudzhen LLC is a pioneer in manufacturing Torodial, High-Voltage, Power and Measuring Transformers. Visit our 'Products' page to learn more on our products & services.

We Manufacture Torodial Magnetic Cores

Yudzhen LLC manufactures all kinds of Magnetic Cores in all Shapes & Sizes, and custom made as per our clients requirements. Visit our 'Products' page to learn more.

We Manufacture Inductance Coil sets

Yudzhen LLC manufactures customized frame and frameless coils including coils for induction flow meters. Visit our 'Products' page to learn more.

We Manufacture Inductors & Pulse Transformers

Yudzhen LLC manufactures inductors both for protection & to avoid electromagnetic interference in main supplies. Visit our 'Products' page to learn more.

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Toroidal Transformer Technical Data.