We Manufacture all kinds of Transformers

Yudzhen LLC is a pioneer in manufacturing Torodial, High-Voltage, Power and Measuring Transformers. Visit our 'Products' page to learn more on our products & services.

We Manufacture Torodial Magnetic Cores

Yudzhen LLC manufactures all kinds of Magnetic Cores in all Shapes & Sizes, and custom made as per our clients requirements. Visit our 'Products' page to learn more.

We Manufacture Inductance Coil sets

Yudzhen LLC manufactures customized frame and frameless coils including coils for induction flow meters. Visit our 'Products' page to learn more.

We Manufacture Inductors & Pulse Transformers

Yudzhen LLC manufactures inductors both for protection & to avoid electromagnetic interference in main supplies. Visit our 'Products' page to learn more.

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Shipping Terms and Conditions

At Yudzhen LLC, we take quality & quality control very seriously as its very important for our clientele. If this is abused then it would cost our clients as well as us unwanted expenses which we do not want our clients to incur ever. This further increases lost time in finding solutions, unnecessary through & fro communication along with return of shipments and further replacing the part that was not required.

We have a huge database of parts which would make it difficult for us to track down the quality of each and every part. We have put in stringent quality check to eradicate such issues or incidents. However, Yudzhen LLC will work with the client to resolve any shipping or quality problem that may arise


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