We Manufacture all kinds of Transformers

Yudzhen LLC is a pioneer in manufacturing Torodial, High-Voltage, Power and Measuring Transformers. Visit our 'Products' page to learn more on our products & services.

We Manufacture Torodial Magnetic Cores

Yudzhen LLC manufactures all kinds of Maganetic Cores in all Shapes & Sizes, and custom made as per our clients requirements. Visit our 'Products' page to learn more.

We Manufacture Inductance Coil sets

Yudzhen LLC manufactures customized frame and frameless coils including coils for induction flow meters. Visit our 'Products' page to learn more.

We Manufacture Inductors & Pulse Transformers

Yudzhen LLC manufactures inductors both for protection & to avoid electromagnetic interference in main supplies. Visit our 'Products' page to learn more.

Pulse Transformers & Inductors

Yudzhen LLC manufactures pulse transformers and inductors with inside diameter of over 6.5mm after winding with a wire of a diameter up to 1mm based on Toroidal Magnetic Cores.

Pulse transformers are applied in high-frequency switch mode power supplies. They are distinguished by lower weight, smaller dimensions and lower cost price compared with conventional low-frequency power supplies. Inductors are designed both for protection of power supplies from induced high-frequency signals, and for avoiding electromagnetic interference in mains supply. At low frequencies they are used in supply circuits filters and typically have a metal or ferrite core.