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Transformers for Landscape Lighting

Low voltage electromagnetic non-stabilized AC power supply for landscape lighting and halogen lamps (based on Toroidal transformer PKFL 671112.962tmp).

Single-phase power supply, closed design, casing with protection class IP 54. Designed for operation in locations where some ingress of dust and exposure to splatter are possible (dust- and splatter-proof design).

Power supply is constructed in accordance with an original circuit solution: as opposed to analogs it has only one output winding (without additional tapping). Adjustment of output voltage depending on the value of input voltage and on the length of conductors for load connection is carried out by means of reconnection of an input to a corresponding tap of the primary winding, that is all or a certain part of the primary winding can be involved. Different combinations of primary winding legs can be used to achieve the required output voltage. Maximal input voltage is 240 V.

Lighting fixtures consumption should not exceed 90 % of the transformer rated capacity. It is not recommended to exceed output power level of 450 watt.



Transformers for landscape lighting. Electric circuit and connection diagram.


Connection examples

Input voltage, V Output voltage
at leads (8-9), V
Value, V Numbers of leads
240 7-1 (lead No7 - lead No1 [main]) ∼ 12
5-1 (lead No5 - lead No1 [main]) ∼ 14
2-1 (lead No2 - lead No1 [main]) ∼ 17


Main technical characteristics

Operating temperature, C -10 ... +40
Nominal supply voltage, V ∼ 240
Supply main frequency, Hz 50 - 60
Integrated reusable fuse response temperature, C 130
Recommended current value for fuse response, /td> 2.5 - 3.15
Maximal power, VA 500
Recommended nominal power, VA 450
Secondary winding voltage, V 17 / 16 / 15 / 14 / 13 / 12
Secondary winding nominal power, A from 29.2 to 43.5
Overall dimensions, mm 300 x 210 x 150
Weight, not over, kg 10,7