We Manufacture all kinds of Transformers

Yudzhen LLC is a pioneer in manufacturing Torodial, High-Voltage, Power and Measuring Transformers. Visit our 'Products' page to learn more on our products & services.

We Manufacture Torodial Magnetic Cores

Yudzhen LLC manufactures all kinds of Maganetic Cores in all Shapes & Sizes, and custom made as per our clients requirements. Visit our 'Products' page to learn more.

We Manufacture Inductance Coil sets

Yudzhen LLC manufactures customized frame and frameless coils including coils for induction flow meters. Visit our 'Products' page to learn more.

We Manufacture Inductors & Pulse Transformers

Yudzhen LLC manufactures inductors both for protection & to avoid electromagnetic interferance in main supplies. Visit our 'Products' page to learn more.

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Awards, Diplomas & Certificates

  • Best Entrepreneur in the production sector 2008
  • Bona fide participant of foreign economic activity 2009
  • Best exporting entrepreneur 2010
  • Diploma by Vitebsk Region Executive Committee 2010
  • Certificate by Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Certificate on entry to the regional Honours Board 2011
  • Certificate by Vitebsk Region Union of Employers
  • Certificate of GS1 System User
  • Certificate of GS1 System User.


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