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Advantages of Toroidal Transformers

Toroidal Transformer - Lower Volume
Toroidal transformers with free wound leads allow saving up to 64% of volume compared to conventional laminated types (it is often simpler to connect equipment with transformer leads than with terminal blocks).

Toroidal Transformer - Lower Weight
Up to 50%. Toroidal (ring) core has an ideal shape for manufacturing transformers with minimum of material. All winding is distributed symmetrically and circumferentially-spaced around the core, which minimizes the length of wire used thus reducing winding resistance and increasing the efficiency. Higher magnetic induction is possible since magnetic current flows in the same direction as the silicon steel of the core during rolling. It is possible to use higher current density in wires as the whole surface of toroidal core provides for efficient cooling of copper wires. Iron losses are very low ? typically 1.1 W at induction of 1.7 T and frequency of 50/60Hz. This ensures very low magnetizing current contributing to excellent thermal load capacity of toroidal transformers.

Toroidal Transformer - Improved Efficiency
Toroidal transformers by LLC "Yudzhen". Are manufactured from quality high induction electric steel, which allows saving up to 50% compared with conventional transformers with laminated cores by other manufacturers using steel of lower quality for their products.

Toroidal Transformer - Energy Saving
Up to 86% at idling and 36% at on-load operation. Taking into account the book value of a transformer this is not all to it. International perception of the fact that energy generation influences the environment has led to continuous increase in the cost of energy resources. Application of toroidal transformers instead of conventional transformers with laminated cores of separate iron plates ensures considerable energy saving. As a rule, payback period for purchasing toroidal transformers is two-three years.

Toroidal Transformer - Flexibility of Sizes
Toroidal transformers by LLC "Yudzhen" offer high degree of size flexibility as compared with standard transformers with cores built of separate plates. Toroidal transformer cores are manufactured at our own production facilities with high quality electric furnaces for their annealing, which enables to manufacture a core of practically any diameter and height. Our specialists can design custom toroidal transformers so that they can fit into restricted areas, which in general is not possible with the use of standard transformers.

Toroidal Transformer - Simple Mounting
Typical mounting of transformers with power up to 1 kVA is carried out with one (two, top and bottom) plastic centering washer (or metal washer with a protective rubber gasket) and an assembling bolt passing through the central hole of a toroidal transformer, which ensures simple and quick assembly.

Toroidal Transformer - Lower Noise Level
Cores by LLC "Yudzhen" are manufactured from a strip of high quality steel and are welded on both ends, which presents a construction with no air gaps and no excess steel plates that could cause vibration. Such stability is also supported with copper winding, tightly covering the whole of the core circumference. Steel quality ensures low magnetostriction and low scattering loss. Such a combination of parameters almost completely eliminates hum and noise observable at operation of standard transformers and transformers by manufacturers using steel of lower quality.

Toroidal Transformer - Low Scattering
Toroidal transformers manufactured by LLC "Yudzhen" have approximately 85-95% lower scattering compared with standard transformers. Low scattering value is an important aspect for an equipment designer as this phenomenon may create unwanted disturbance as a result of interference with sensitive electronic circuits. Toroidal transformers ensure general decrease in magnetic disturbance level at the ratio of 8:1 compared with standard types of transformers of frame shape.

Toroidal Transformer - Price and Value
Advanced manufacturing technology and materials saving as a result of a more efficient design make state-of-the-art toroidal transformers expedient in terms of price as compared with standard transformers with the same power. Taking into account other latent benefits such as low scattering, energy saving (during operation), lower horizontal projection and lower weight, advantages of toroidal transformers increase considerably. On the whole, the more the power of toroidal transformers, the lower their price is compared with standard transformer types.

Toroidal Transformer - Quality and Reliability
Guaranteed service life of Yudzhen transformers is 36 months. Besides, to meet the needs of some customers many models of toroidal transformers are manufactured with application of interlaminar insulation. This allows to significantly increase transformers? reliability and reduce the likelihood of short-circuited turns formation practically to zero. A proof of our power transformers reliability is the fact of their application in power sources of Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) ground-based elements.