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The Director...


Full Name: Mr. Vladimir V. Rogovnev
Position Held: Managing Director
Years in Service: Over 30+ years 

Success did not come the easy way but it took years of hard work, determination and dedication to reach where Vladimir is today. A man of great vision and an epitome of success His 30 year's journey began way back with a company called Izmeritel, a company dealing in manufacturing various complex electronic equipment and products.

Vladimir worked extensively in the sphere of production and learnt the intricacies of the manufacturing trade by focusing on every detail along with acquiring in-depth knowledge on the construction & know how of how to make transformers. As a simple employee of the company, he carried out his task with honestly and diligence. Deep down inside then he wanted to explore how the world of entrepreneurship would be but he knew it wouldn't be an easy task. However, he believed he was prepared, and ready to venture out on his own. All the knowledge and experience he gathered in the years that passed by led to the genesis of Dipol in the year 1993 which later was re-named to Yudzhen in the year 2007, as how we currently know it.

It has been a journey of 30 years, and one that has crossed many valleys and hills but ever stood firm. Yudzhen has been named after his son and the company boasts of its success both domestically and internationally as the demand for its products has comparatively risen along with its work force. 

He was awarded the city of Novopolotsk as the most successful businessman of the year 2016. In the above image then you can see him being presented with the award from Mr. Oleg Matskevich. Vladimir Rogovnev, further went on to say that the company had mastered the production of a new type of product based on nanosurfs - measuring current transformers for commercial accounting. The clientele for this product too is being put together, and the Russian Market looks promising.

Currently, the company is preparing to expand production, this is aimed at the work of d
imageesign, marketing and other services. Vladimir sees Yudzhen to be not just merely a domestic success but to take it one notch up and have the company become a Global name in the field of manufacturing quality and efficient toroidal transformers. His vision is to see Yudzhen expand in terms of production of various types of electronic components but not limiting the company to only manufacturing transformers as there is a large market out there with tough competition to produce the best end product. 

Vladimir has taken Yudzhen to new heights and the company will soon be shifting to its new premises in the coming year of 2018.

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The Company


'Yudzhen' LLC has been a pioneer in the field of manufacturing transformers but it all started 24 years back when the company was founded in 1993 as a Limited Liability Company, and a manufacturing unit known as 'Dipol' In August 2007, the enterprise was renamed as 'Yudzhen', and it focused its activities on manufacturing all kinds of Toroidal Transformers. The company now boasts of over 110+ Employees that are growing in number as we speak due to the increase in production and the demand of its products from various clients both domestically and now internationally from the Countries in the European Union. The enterprise has its own production facilities with efficient equipment to support the whole cycle of transformers and inductance coils manufacturing.

Yudzhen LLC., has been manufacturing toroidal transformers for over 18 years. It has always ensured that the final product meets with the clients technical specifications and the highest quality. Our current capacity allows us to manufacture over 50,000 winding products per month. With the recent increase in demand of transformers, inductance and magnetic cores then the enterprise has increased its research, & development in designing, and introducing new products with better capabilities for our clientele. We have expanded our operations and man power along with purchasing new equipment from abroad that produces goods that are globally used and acceptable. Flexibility is the name of the game and that is what we have allowed in the production of our goods and services which helps in supplying our products both in the retail and wholesale markets at the shortest possible turn around time along with the terms and
image conditions. We usually take 2-3 days in the preparation of new products before the hit the markets.

The company has manufacturing equipment not only for transformers but also for inductors, and high-frequency winding components on toroidal cores with an internal diameter of 6.5 mm, after winding it with a wire of 0.5 mm, and with an internal diameter of 9 mm with a wire of 1.0 mm. We do take pride in developing prototype models, and are very much available to the clients when requested.

Currently we service clients that purchase are products from Belarus, Russia, the Ukraine, France, Italy, Czech Republic and Poland.

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Future Development and Innovations

At present, the enterprise is further doing R&D into the issue of expanding the range of ratings of the produced measuring current transformers of TSP-N-0.66 type. We are planning to start manufacturing the following rating types: 1200/5A, 1500/5A and 2000/5A. Moreover, we are considering the possibility of manufacturing transformers 300/5A and 400/5A of TSP-N-0.66 type instead of TOP-N-0.66 type.

The company is also studying the feasibility of using aluminum enameled wire instead of copper wire in the structure of toroidal transformers. We are looking for optimal equipment for assembly and aluminum brazing.

The company will continue to look at newer technicalities, methods and options to constantly strive to increase its products performance results and provide its clients excusive and exceptional products at the best prices through its 'Price Match' Policy.

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Yudzhen LLC - New Premises 'Under-Construction'

With the immense growth and success that we have had in the last years that have passed by, thanks to our partners and clients that has made this journey possible then our new premises would be soon ready to take over more production and work force. We look forward to moving into the new building in the beginning of summer next year 2018.


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Awards, Diplomas & Certificates

Best Entrepreneur in the production sector 2008
Bona fide participant of foreign economic activity 2009
Best exporting entrepreneur 2010

Diploma by Vitebsk Region Executive Committee 2010
Certificate by Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Certificate on entry to the regional Honours Board 2011
Certificate by Vitebsk Region Union of Employers
Certificate of GS1 System User
Certificate of GS1 System User